Two Ton Baker was mentioned frequently in the Chicago Tribune, which was natural, since the newspaper owned and operated Baker's broadcast home, WGN ("World's Greatest Newspaper"). I found several clips in the Tribune's online archive, but most are poorly done scans, so I've transcribed them for easy reading; in each case, I've also included a link to the original PDF file (but these aren't true PDFs, just graphic scans into PDF format).

Major Stories Primarily About Two Ton Baker

Untitled short profile, May 21, 1944
"Two Ton Baker to Play Before Festival Crowd," August 10, 1945
"Meet Baker, the Music Maker!" September 26, 1948
"Two Ton Baker, a Right Jolly Piano Puncher," April 17, 1949
"Has Anybody Here Seen Two Ton Baker?" September 7, 1972
"Two Ton Baker, Music Man, Dies," May 5, 1975

Lesser Stories About Two Ton Baker

"Number One Ellington Fan" (Down Beat), January 1941
"Two Ton Baker to Star in New Show on W-G-N," July 29, 1946
"Two Ton Baker to Give a Big Gift--Himself," November 25, 1946
Publicity photo with caption in Counter-Points, the Mercury Record magazine, August 1948
Funeral services announcement, May 6, 1975

Stories Mentioning Dick Baker in Passing

"Hallicrafters to Be Saluted on W-G-N Show," April 1, 1945
"Mayor and Aids Take Over Bond Program Today," May 28, 1945
"W-G-N to Stage Bond Drive in State St. Today," June 14, 1945
300 lb. Sheriff Gets Yes and No from Clothiers," July 3, 1945
"'Queen for a Day' 84; She'll Have Party at Home," July 2, 1946
"WGN-TV Makes Debut Tonight with Big Show," April 5, 1948
"TV Pries a Few More Stars Off Radio's Crown," July 26, 1950

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