Alas, the pickings are exceedingly slim. Most people who remember Two Ton on TV remember him from the Happy Pirates TV show, which ran from 1952 to 1956, or for his many delightful ads for Riverview Amusement Park. Alas, in nearly 40 years of searching, I've never found any footage of those appearances. If anybody has any, please contact me.

(About video formats: This page is new as of April 2014, and I have no experience with video on web sites. My own brief experimentation shows that there are many possible formats, and that what formats YOU can view are dependent on what operating system you run, what browser you use, what add-ons/plug-ins you've installed, and the phase of the moon. I've put each clip in the formats that seem to be most widely usable, but I'd appreciate any feedback you have as to what works best for you.)

Wonder House

1948: In 1988, WGN-TV broadcast a two-hour program celebrating its 40 years of broadcasting. A lengthy section was devoted to children's shows, and Two Ton was there on Day 1 with Wonder House, a show combining Two Ton with the marionettes and puppets of Art Nelson. Popular children's show performer Ray Rayner was the host who introduced this 47-second segment. (Thanks to Ken Kwilinski for this video clip.)
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Mickey One clip

1965: Warren Beatty starred in Mickey One, a film that is totally impenetrable to me, but has become, I've read, a "cult classic." Whatever. It was shot in Chicago in the spring of 1964 by director Warren Penn, and our hero was enlisted for a very brief part as a theater manager. It lasts 14 seconds, and Two Ton speaks two lines totaling 22 words. But treasure them--after all, it's a cult classic.
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With Duke Ellington

1972: In 1972, Duke Ellington was invited to the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee to be honored and to present a series of concerts and a seminar in which he performed and discussed his music. Ellington invited Brooks Kerr, a devoted student and performer of stride piano, and Two Ton, an old friend and promoter of Ellington's music, to join him on this august occasion. Two Ton talks with and about Ellington, and performs the Duke's music.
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