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Sample pages

1. Sioux City Sue (with the Hoosier Hot Shots)
2. Up on the House Top / Deck the Halls
3. Rickety Rickshaw Man
4. I Like You, Youíre Silly / Polly Wolly Doodle
5. The Soup Song / Eachy Peachy Pie
6. Bloop Bleep
7. A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night
8. Near You
9. Iím a Lonely Little Petunia (in an Onion Patch)
10. Civilization
11. Dancers in Love (instrumental)
12. Too Fat Polka
13. An Old Flame Never Dies
14. Roll the Patrol
15. My Little Pup with the Patent Leather Nose
16. The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend
17. I Like Stinky Cheese
18. Why Fall in Love with a Stranger
19. Iíve Got Tears in My Ears
20. Music! Music! Music!
21. Please Say Goodnight to the Guy, Irene (with the Harmonicats)
22. The Thing
23. (Iím Afraid to Marry) Marietta
24. Clink Clank (in My Piggy Bank)
25. Iím a Little Weenie
26. Love Medley
27. Satin Doll (instrumental)

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