Kiddies CD box cover

When I played the Sampler CD for a lady friend, her first reaction was that she'd love to play the children's songs from it for her grandchildren. That gave me the idea to compile a CD of just Two Ton's kiddie songs for her, and then to put it here. Of course, whether today's kiddies, zapped to the gills with noisy TV and flashy computer games, would be content to listen to songs coming from a speaker that doesn't race around the room changing colors is another question.

And they're customizable! Since I make these CDs up when they're ordered, it would be no trouble to put any name or names you want on the cover (JENNIFER & BRIAN on the sample above.) Just let me know how you'd like it to read for the special children in your life.

1. I Like You, You're Silly / Polly Wolly Doodle
2. The Soup Song / Eachy Peachy Pie
3. Tree in the Woods
4. I Wuv a Wabbit
5. I'm a Lonely Little Petunia (in an Onion Patch)

6. Boomer the Bass Drum
7. I'm a Little Teapot
8. Oogoo the Worm
9. My Little Pup with the Patent Leather Nose
10. I Like Stinky Cheese
11. Ellie the Elegant Elephant
12. Looey the Local Locomotive
13. I'm Just a Little Pansy in a Flower Pot
14. You Gotta Be a Hero Noways, with Gus the Gopher
15. Tubby the Tuba song
16. At the Music Shop
17. The Froggy Song
18. Clink Clank (in My Piggy Bank)
19. I'm a Little Weenie
20. Rub-a-Dub-Dub (in a Tub)

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