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CD No. 1 cover Vol. 1: The 78s CD No. 2 cover Vol. 2: The 78s Continued CD No. 3 cover Vol. 3: The 78s Continued CD No. 4 cover Vol. 4: Rest of the 78s
First of the 45s
CD No. 5 cover Vol. 5: The 45s CD No. 6 cover Vol. 6: On the Radio CD No. 7 cover Vol. 7: More Radio &
the LP Reissue

I mounted the web site and created these CD compilations early in 2005. The web site itself ena­bled many people with Two Ton Baker recordings to find me, and since then the vast power of eBay and other online record auctions has allowed me to find many more recordings. Early in 2008 the set outgrew the six CDs originally allotted for it, so I expanded it to seven, which also gave me some room to make what I always thought would be an entertaining addition to the Two Ton Baker recordings: I added representative samples of other, better known, artists who had the hit recordings of records that Two Ton "covered."

Vols. 1-4 have 12-page illustrated booklets with informative notes about the recordings. The booklets for 5 and 7 are 8 pages; Vol. 6 is 4 pages.

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